Dock Levellers

The heart of your loading station

With a feed infinitely variable up to 1000mm and the suitability for 3-wheel forklifts, the X-Series is perfect for loading end loads.

With a load capacity of 6 or 8 tons and extensive control options, it also offers superior functionality over other models.


In addition, the X-Series meets the highest safety requirements according to the EN 1398 standard, including a panic stop function.

If a truck drives away too early, even while the truck is still on the leveller, this function is activated and in most cases the leveller can still be used.


Especially for requirements in food logistics, a stepped frame is available which does not interrupt the cold chain and ensures hygiene.

Dock Levellers with flap lip

The parallelogram construction ensures that the lip always lies horizontally flat on the truck. Shocks and vibrations are eliminated by the special design of the rear hinge.

These design features provide a smooth and vibration-free transition between the truck loading area and the warehouse floor.

Loading is thus fast and noiseless, without physical stress for the employees and with a reduced risk of damage to goods and industrial trucks.

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