Circular Track Sliding Doors

For whom are sliding doors suitable?

Sliding doors are guided along the wall by a sliding movement and are used when there is no range for the wings to swing open.


They are also particularly suitable for large door openings and provide a solid construction for high .

Sliding doors require little maintenance and are easy to repair due to fewer wear parts.


We offer our versatile sliding doors in aluminium and steel, tailored to your individual requirements, of course.

Your advantages with Circular Track Sliding Doors:

  • Very long lifespan and great endurance thanks to the robust frame structure

  • Very low maintenance costs because there are hardly any wear parts

  • Allows to close corners of a building where other doors would be useless

  • No space needed for folding elements, such as with Folding Doors

  • Low risk of crashing with vehicles, as the door remains visible for drivers

  • Product Made In Austria

Our Circular Track Sliding Doors: