Loading Docks

A loading dock works best as a porch on the façade of the warehouse with an integrated dock leveller,

Dock shelter and possibly a sectional door.


Made of a hot-dip galvanized steel construction the finished lock is clad with trapezoidal sheet metal or insulating panels in various thicknesses.


Loading locks can be effectively used for:

  • An existing building that does not yet have a dock leveller

  • A new building, whereby the actual storage area is increased by the addition of loading locks

  • In cold stores, where an internal leveller causes too much cold loss.




Technical details of Loading Docks:

  • Self-supporting, welded steel frame construction for mounting on the building

  • Accessible with tail lifts

  • All steel parts galvanized

  • The ramp edge serves to absorb the forces of the leveller underframe

  • The support legs are aligned on the foundations provided by the customer, underpinned and dowelled, the foundations are to be constructed

  • Feet are adjustable in height and adapted to the hall level

  • Panel side walls and panel roof with rain gutter and drain connection

  • Sealing between the customer's façade and the airlock

Width                                                          3560 mm

Length                                                        2500 mm

Angle to building                                       90° (optional 75°, 60° oder 45°)

Lock height                                                5150 mm

Width of the underclearance                    3000 mm

Loadling Docks in Food Logistics

Sophisticated loading technology for temperature controlled environments


We at Schneider offer you complete solutions in loading technology with optimum thermal insulation during loading and unloading of the vehicles.

You and your specific requirements are the focus of attention, with particular emphasis on hygiene and temperature.


We offer an airtight closure with inflatable dock shelter and a galvanized dock leveller with step frame and feed lip.


For your ideal food logistics we recommend the following products, among others:

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