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Fire Department

Doors for Fire Stations  

Fire departments provide security to communities on a reliable basis.

The doors for such buildings therefore have to be secure and reliable as well.


In particular our steel and aluminum folding doors guarantee a fast and dependable operation when the next fire calls for the men and women to head out.

And with a manual opening, even in catastrophic scenarios without electricity the doors still can be opened fast.

If you are constructing a fire station, make sure you consider these points:

  • Necessary height and width for the vehicles

  • The ideal way of opening the door (Folding Doors are usually recommended as the driver of a vehicle has a better view on them)

  • The required way of operation: fast automatic opening, manual, or e-drive opening

  • Design options such as glass elements for better incidence of light, colors and surfaces

  • Operating costs during the life cycle of the door (again Folding Doors are recommended since they have the least spare parts)

Our Bestsellers for Fire Departments: