Train Station

Doors for Railroads - Train stations

When it comes to public transportation, security and availability are among the most important criteria.


Trains create special conditions for doors since there has to be a solution to also cover the rails and integrate them into the construction of the door to fully close the facility.

Hence we have constructed doors for this environment that are low in maintenance, robust and reliable whenever you need them.

If you are constructing a train station, make sure you consider these points:

  • Necessary height and width, particularly in regard to the trains or other vehicles moving in and out

  • For heated rooms doors with proper insulation are recommended

  • The required way of operation: fast automatic opening, manual, or e-drive opening

  • Design options such as glass elements for better incidence of light, colors and surfaces

  • Lifecycle operating costs (Folding Doors are recommended since they have the least spare parts)

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