Doors for Distribution centers - Shipping companies - Forwarding department

In any distribution center the main elements are fast, efficient and secure operations. Hence you and your team have to rely on your equipment to make sure you meet expected delivery times and schedule of your customers.

For such instances, we provide you with entire solutions way beyond the door itself, including also loading technology to optimize your center’s efficiency.

If you are constructing a a building for logistics, make sure you consider these points:

  • User behaviour and requirements on site (do high-speed doors make sense for your project? Do you need thermal insulation for deep-freeze warehouses? etc.

  • Steering Mechanism: Dead man’s control or maintained command?

  • Design options such as glass elements for better incidence of light, colors and surfaces

When constructing warehouses with additional transshipment pay special attention to


  • Necessary space: Loading equipment inside or in front of the building (loadhouses)

  • Way of operation: Loading cycles, type of trucks coming in, height of ramp

  • Loading devices: forklift, pallet truck or manually

  • Dock shelter: standard or inflatable for cooled areas

  • Control systems: single or combined

  • Safety features and Equipment, such as truck interlocks or similar

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