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If you are constructing an agricultural building, make sure you consider these points:

  • Necessary height and width

  • Design options (swing gates offer a huge variety of design options especially for farmhouses)

  • Adjustment of the colour of the door to the surrounding windows or other details of the building

  • Wooden decor option (looks almost identical to real wood, except that it does not need any further paint or maintenance)

  • The required way of operation: manual, or e-drive opening

Doors for Farmhouses - Wineries - Estates

Particularly in rural areas, the doors of any traditional farmhouse provide a proper eye-catcher for anyone passing by.


In such cases there are doors needed, that will be flexible enough in design to be fully customizable to the surrounding building and its architecture. 

In other instances there are solid and well constructed doors needed for heavy duty in a barn or stable inhabiting animals. For such cases it is crucial to have a reliable door with low maintenance that you can rely upon in any weather.

Here we provide you with doors that can be customized exactly to your farm and your needs, instead of the other way around. You can select from a number of different solutions which provide you with flexibility in architecture and design as well as with robust doors for heavy use.

Our Double-Wing Doors are a popular choice for entrance areas due to their design abilities, whereas Sectional Doors or Folding Doors are the ideal choice for storage areas and stables.

Our Bestsellers for Agricultural project: