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Aero Club White Gull, Wels, Austria

Protecting valuable planes on a reliable basis, but at the same time literally opening a gate to the sky was the theme of this project. All this was done for an institution full of history, which is a vital part of the city since 1949.


This was the right task for our Sliding Door AL602S. It did not only have to close a very large opening on the building, but also has to be integrated into the building's outer appearance.

We are thankful for this great cooperation with the Aero Club White Gull in Wels.

Project data:

  • Project:                                          Airport Wels

  • Location:                                        Wels (Austria)

  • Client:                                            Aero Club White Gull

  • Finished:                                       2020

  • Used Product:                              Sliding Door AL602S         

Used product:
Sliding Door AL602S Robust

Sliding Door AL602S Robust

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