Car Dealership Leeb

Sectional Doors for a car dealer in a classic design

Our SCHNEIDER Sectional Doors are seamlessly integrated into the design of the new car dealership Leeb.

For this project we delivered ISO40 Sectional Doors in RAL9005 with a smooth surface.

Together they provide a uniformly appearance for the washing facility, the paint workshop and other parts of the garage. For the washing facility a specially equipped ISO40 with our washing-set was used.

All Doors used in washing areas should generall be equipped with NIRO fittings, and all electronic parts such as cables and the drive need to be splash-proof. The coiled cable needs to be acid-resistant and powder-coated, but the same is recommended for the rails and the entire frame.

We would like to thank the car dealership Leeb for the great cooperation and hope they will enjoy this beautiful building and Doors for many years to come!

Project Data

  • Project: Car Dealership Leeb

  • Location: Wels (Austria)

  • Finished in: 2017

  • 1x Sectionaldoor ISO 40 washing-set in RAL9005 smooth surface 

  • 9x Sectional Door ISO40 in RAL9005 smooth surface

  • 1x Door AL601T 2.0

  • 1 Roll-Up Door MRTG

Product used:

Sectional Door ISO40

Sectional Door ISO40

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