Special doors for a special institution

Folding door as an invisible element - integrated into the facade.

Karl Landsteiner University is one of the most renowned universities in Austria for medical education. For this project doors were needed, which can fully be integrated into the design of the overall building but still allow the full functionality as expected.

It is a marvellous example of how Folding Doors can become an element for architectural design through a covering of 4mm Alucobond plates.

The door thereby unites its appearance with the remaining building and thus creates a beautiful impression.

The result is a door which is hardly even visible from the outside but at the same time keeps its full functionality.


  • Projekt:                                 Privatuniversität Karl Landsteiner

  • Ort:                                        Krems (AT) 

  • Auftraggeber:                       Privatuniversität Karl Landsteiner

  • Fertigstellung:                      2016

  • Verwendete Produkte:        Falttor AL602F         

Verwendetes Produkt:

Folding Door AL602F Robust

Folding Door AL602F Robust

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