Falttor Industrietore

Emergency Center, Jena, Germany

Secure and reliable doors in case of catastrophe

Critical infrastructure well preserved: for our society protection from all kinds of disaster is getting more and more important.


When lives are at stake, it is crucial to protect the people, their health and the environment.

Our SCHNEIDER Folding Doors AL602F are in place to make sure in any case of disaster, emergency forces can move out fast to help those in need.

We are proud to be a part of such an important project for critical infrastructure.

Project data:

  • Project:                                           Emergency Center Jena 

  • Location:                                        City of Jena (Germany) 

  • Client:                                             City of Jena Real Estate

  • Finished:                                        2016 

  • Products used:                              Folding Door AL602, 27 units          

Product used:
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