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Hangar for hightech planes and Helicopters

To store special hightech equipment and the suited planes safely and protect them from outside weather is what our 20 meter wide SCHNEIDER Sliding Folding Doors did at the new site of the Airborne Technologies company.


The AL603SF in this case with its design depth of 60mm and thermally insulated profiles creates an improved energy efficiency.

Its massive construction allows high endurance and large glass areas built into it, which can be seen in the design of this project.

We are proud to have finished such a remarkable project in cooperation with Airborne Technologies.

Project data:

  • Project:                                          Airborne Technologies 

  • Location:                                        Vienna (Austria) 

  • Client:                                            Airborne Technologies 

  • Finished:                                        2018

  • Used Products:                             Sliding Folding Door AL602SF        

Product Used:
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